As a non-profit, we rely almost entirely on donations, sponsorship and fundraising. We are incredibly grateful for contributions of any size to help our mission. .

Sponsor A Meal

Any community member can sponsor Saturday supper for $180 which includes kitchen rent, liability insurance and groceries.

Bottle Drive: Bag & Tag (KFGP #2200)

Simply take your eligible beverage containers to Plus I or Plus II Bottle Depot in Grande Prairie. No waiting in line is required! Simply drop off your labelled bags as (KFGP #2200) at Bottle Plus Depot. The depot operator will recycle containers placed in the bin and the beverage container refunds collected will go directly to Khwahish Foundation of Grande Prairie Sponsor-A-Meal Program. It’s a great way to let your beverage containers do good in the local community.


We accept E-Transfers. Please contact our office directly for this information at or by calling our office (780) 978-4013.